Legal notes

With direct or indirect references to third party web pages (links) for which the author cannot be held responsible, the author may be held liable exclusively in cases where he/she is aware of the content of such pages and where he/she is technically in a position and might reasonably be expected to prevent such use if the content is unlawful. The author therefore expressly states that the linked pages were free of illegal content at the time the links were set. The author has no control over current and future design and content of the linked pages. The author therefore expressly distances himself/herself from any content of any linked pages which was changed after setting a link. This statement shall apply to all links and references created on the own web pages and also to entries by external parties in visitor’s registers, discussion forums and mailing lists created by the author. Exclusively the owner of a page referred to shall be held liable for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content and especially also for loss incurred following use or non-use of information offered in this way; the owner of the pages with the referring links shall be indemnified against all liability.

Copyright and trademark law

The author shall endeavour in all the publications to observe any copyright of graphic, audio, video or text material he/she may use and to either use his/her own graphic, audio, video or text material or to find graphic, audio, video or text material which is in the public domain. All brand and registered trademarks referred to in the Internet presence and which may be subject to third party rights shall be fully subject to the provisions of the applicable trademark and ownership rights of the specific owner of that registered trademark. The mention of a trademark does not imply that such trademark is unprotected by third party rights. The copyright of published material created by the author himself/herself shall remain with the author. Copying or using such graphic, audio, video or text material in other electronic or printed publications shall require the express consent of the author.

Legal effectiveness of this liability exclusion

This liability exclusion shall be deemed part of the Internet website which referred to this page. Should parts of this text in its formulation not, no longer or not fully be in compliance with current legal practice, the remainder of the documents shall not be thereby affected in terms of content or validity.